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New Webstats for the New Web!

After years of abandonment, a completely new Webstats, redone from the ground up, will be available soon for your use. With a new tracking algorithm, fewer prerequisites, and a clean and appealing interface, as well as a host of new features, such as complete RSS syndication, e-mail and text message notifications, and Web 2.0 popularity analysis (implemented through the new modular API), the new Webstats will offer an experience unparalleled by any service, both hosted and server-based.

Development is already in progress, so check back soon!

In light of the upcoming release, the project needs a new logo and beta testers. Please get in touch if you can provide either.

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The latest Webstats version available is v0.2.3b. Go get it!

Webstats is a set of centralized open-source scripts that use PHP and MySQL to create a log containing various statistical information about website visitors and to record and analyze this data using text and graphs.

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We are always looking for comments or feedback. Feel free to contact us about anything you'd like to!

Webstats is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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